Fishing Reports

Thermopolis Big Horn June, 2018 Fishing Report

Bighorn through Thermopolis¬† Wyoming's Bighorn has seen increased flows as of late, above 6,000 cfs, and this opens up a playground of opportunity for the flexible angler. Higher water gets large fish on the move along the banks as they look for their next big-ticket meal, and makes it more likely they'll nail a well-presented…
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Fremont Canyon June, 2018 Fishing Report

Fremont¬† Fremont is returning to its normal flow and fishing is lights out with smaller bugs on the Cardwell section and streamers in the canyon. Fishing Cardwell, it's a blast to stalk and tie into these large fish, playing them in water that hardly seems big enough for them to swim in. Many of the…
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Grey Reef June, 2018 Fishing Report

Gray Reef¬† Right now we are seeing flows drop and clear from a high of 2,500 cfs (cubic feet per second) in late May. Thanks to flushing flows this spring, the trout had lots of clean gravel for spawning, and we are still seeing a few fish on the beds, doing their thing. Leave them…
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