Options, options, options! We love seeing this much cool, healthy water in full play this time of year! From the Miracle Mile all the way to town and beyond, the NP is continuing to put out solid numbers and sizes, and the fishing couldn’t be more fun. Like to chuck streamers? Prefer nymphing? Want to watch a giant NP trout inhale a hopper or trico? With flows as healthy as ever and water temperatures hovering in the low 60’s, all of these techniques are playing out to maximum effect right now. 

Miracle Mile fishing is still cooking along, with flows remaining just above 1,000 cfs. If you are heading up there, stop by the shop and we will get you set up with what you need. Our guides coming back from the Mile are all reporting steady action on San Juan worms and large scud patterns.

Fremont Canyon remains a wade fishing smorgasbord, with the best opportunities happening during the morning hours. The water on this stretch is usually a little more pressured than elsewhere, so bring lighter tippet and be ready to play the small-bug game with rockworms, PMD’s, and trico nymphs. 

Grey Reef’s higher flows have the trout chowing on a diverse menu, so most of our guides have been triple bugging it with a small stonefly, a San Juan worm, and a small bug of choice…mostly caddis or trico patterns. Worms are the go-to and will net trout on any stretch of the NP right now, from the Mile to below town. Wine, purple, and red are all producing. No need to go long. Short and sweet will enable you to work the shallow shelves and pockets that hold the big boys this time of year. 

Streamer and dry fly action are steady from the Mile to town. We haven’t seen the topwater bite go gangbusters quite yet but action is steady and as we slide into late summer and early fall and flows start to drop, expect pods of fish to begin feeding predictably on the inside edges. For streamers, anything with gold flash and olive, or flashy and white, seems to turn the trick. The best hopper action tends to be with the foam Morrish and any bead-head caddis dropper of choice. 

This has shaped up to be one of the busiest summers ever, and the fall season is filling up fast, so give us a call soon! We have lots of lodging possibilities, including our exclusive Dry Fly, right on the river and across the road from the shop! We also have lots of new brands in house, including Howler Bros. and Free Fly Apparel. Give the shop a call and book your next North Platte adventure! We love hearing from you and can’t wait to fish again!