Happy New year!!!  Here at PRFS and WFFGS we are excited for the upcoming season!  Snow pack already look great!  We are already above normal with 130% in the upper valleys!  We love more water and so do the trout!  It’s just better for the whole system! As we come into the spring please be mindful of spawning fish.  Big, wild born trout will get harder to come by as we roll on.  Let’s protect this one.  Please stay away from the shallow gravel in March, April and May. The gray reef is a treasure so let’s all do our part to ensure great days for our kids and grandkids!

The Reef – I can tell you first hand that these fish have wintered well!  Right now these fish are fat, stoked and looking to chase girls.  When our fish on the reef start to spawn you can get away with some larger offerings.  We never target fish on the beds!  However, as they stage in the deep runs you can talk them into a larger point fly.  I like a pine squirrel leech with a mayhem midge dropped off.  Rock worms in purple and red are also a good idea.

CFS: 455

This time of year is a fantastic time for trout Spey!  Swung bugs can make some of these reef beasts look up from the deepest and darkest holes!  I personally like white or olive. The Rusty trombone, the Goldie and the vanilla gorilla stoke these early season toads. Cast straight out 90 and fish it all the way to the dangle.  Don’t trout set, let them hang themselves!  Spey is my personal favorite way to fish the reef.  All you need is 2 casts and the willingness to cover water!

Mile – The Mile has been kicking out some great fish if you can get there.  Honestly, the mile can be pretty touch and go as far as access, with Wyoming’s wind and snow.  Call the shop before you take a shot at it.  We can give you an updated report on the roads and the fishing. Lately the folks that have been out there have reported using San Juan worms, pine squirrel leeches in natural and black, as well as rock worms in purple and red.

CFS: 550

Fremont – Fremont canyon has had consistent fishing this winter.  I prefer to fish bugs this time of year at Fremont.  My rig is short.  3 feet to an AB weight then a rock worm in purple or red size 14 or 16 with a midge dropped off.  I like the mayhem in gray or purple.  The heavier weight will ensure that you are down just off the shelves!

CFS: 80

The Big Horn – the horn this time of year is the stuff that keeps me up nights.  The hot springs that feed the horn make for some happy winter fish!  When almost all of the western tail waters are experiencing cold lethargic fish, these guys will chase streamers and grab big nymphs!  San Juan worms, sow bugs, and pink scuds will all produce on the point.  Drop a mayhem midge or a purple mcgruber and get deep in the dark water.

For streamers, I like white and olive colors.  Sculpzilla in white and olive, double gonga in cream and olive, as well as the bmb in brown and olive.  A light sink tip and a good fast retrieve should produce.

CFS: 875

Stoked to see you all on the water!