Gray Reef:

The Reef is flowing at 450 CFS making wade fishing conditions ideal. With water temperatures hovering around 39 degrees there have been substantial midge hatches on our warmer weather days. The fish are slowly beginning to slide out of those deep holding areas in the bottom third of the run and move up higher in the water column, especially when the midge hatch is going. So don’t be afraid to shorten up your depth and weight when you see those little bugs flying. Our guides have found their best success with a rig set at 5-6 feet in depth with an AB or BB weight, fishing eggs, annelids, leeches, and midges.If you’re wanting to fish streamers and target one of those big post spawn browns, try a slower retrieve in the deep pools and flats with a streamer  that rides hook point up. This will keep you near the bottom where the fish are, and out of snags. We’re also starting to see some redds being dug for the spring spawn, please be mindful of these spawn beds and do not cast at actively spawning fish. Protect this wonderful resource! 

Big Horn:

The Bighorn is flowing around 930 CFS and these fish are on fire! Fishing from the wedding of the waters to Kirby has been nothing short of spectacular. Nymphing and streamer fishing have been the ticket, but we’ll start seeing dry fly opportunities with warmer weather continuing to roll in. Sowbugs, scuds, eggs, and midges fished at 5-7 feet with an AB or BB weight have been the ticket on the nymph rig. If you’re streamer fishing, anything in a white/olive/tan colorway should get those fish moving. Fish all your depth, even those small micro buckets. You’ll be surprised what you can move a fish out of. We’ve also been starting to see redds and actively spawning fish, so please be mindful of those spawn beds!

Miracle Mile:

Flows have been fluctuating from 500 - 540 CFS. With periodical snow storms still making their appearance, being able to get to the mile is a day by day thing. Please be sure to check the weather and get a road report before you head out there. With that being said, fishing at the mile has been good when the weather and road cooperate. Nymphing and streamer fishing are both effective right now. Eggs, scuds, annelids, leeches, and midges have been working on the nymph rig fished at 6 - 8 feet of depth. Streamer fishing has been better on the cloudy days with a goldie or rusty trombone, especially up high in the canyon and down in the lower section towards the lake. 


With flows at 75 CFS, Fremont has been fishing great! Targeting the deep pools with a nymph rig has been producing a lot of quality fish. Try fishing smaller annelids, leeches, and midge patterns at 5 feet with a B weight. For streamer fishing, try smaller single hook streamers and commit to covering a lot of water, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results. On calm, sunny days, you can find fish rising to midges in the flats during the afternoon. So keep that dry fly box handy!