The Reef has been very productive! These BIG fat bows will take you for a ride! They’re loving a variety of bugs since starting to spawn. We recommend rockworms, hothead ANYTHING, scuds, leeches and your favorite midge! We happen to have a few of our favorites in the shop! Call or stop in for details. Guides report LARGE midge hatches on the warmer days! Try something with the same profile but in a different color or with some flash! I mean, you’ve got to stand out a little! We like, the red juju, purple mcgruber, hot head BWO, tungston jig beatis, and the sparkle midge. If it’s buggy and a size 18 or 20 and you float past em’ it’s ON!!!

The fish are also showing interest in streamers!!! Black, white, or olive are our go to’s!

Flows @ the Reef are a steady 500 CFS

Weather looks very promising this week with temps in the upper 50’s and low 60’s!