Grey Reef, Miracle Mile, Fremont Canyon Fishing Report July, 2021

Fishing on all our permitted waters is in play!  We had a rain event last week on the Reef, but waters are clearing, and fishing has been great!  The fish are getting super buggy and sliding up into the fast water, which is way more fun to fish! The Mile is kicking out some great fish and the stones have shown!  We are super busy and putting great trips out the door every day!

The Mile bugs have been Stoneflies, Chubby’s, purple Back Scuds, PMD’s, and Mayhem Midges in purple and gray.

Fremont is fishing great but can be a little busy.  Bugs have been Crack Back PMD’s, and Mayhem Midges in black and purple.

The Reef, The Reef, The Reef is on Fire!  The boys have been fishing all the the way into town and we have been seeing some big bows as well as some big browns.  With the summer months upon us, there is a lot more hatches in the river.  Yellow Sally’s, PMD’s, Caddis, Stoneflies, and Tricos.  Don’t forget ‘yeh’ old trusty squirmy worm in red or purple. Crack the code and go catch some fish!  Come by the shop and we can definitely get you set up with a map, and some bugs that will bend the rod!