N. Platte River early Sept. 2021 Fishing Report Grey Reef / Miracle Mile / Fremont Canyon

Fall fishing is here! Ask any of our guides and they’ll tell you that the fall season is one of the best times to get out on the river. Our nights are starting to cool off, and flows have been lowered to a 650 cfs!  We seriously couldn’t ask for better conditions!

As the days get shorter, trout react to less light by starting to feed more in preparation for winter. Browns in particular are sensitive to this change in light and start ramping up their appetites and territorial behavior in preparation for the fall spawn. Every section of our river is in play right now, the cottonwoods will be putting on their fall colors soon, and the weather couldn’t be better! And best of all, this time of year it’s possible to float an el primo stretch of river and see very few or no boats the entire day! Give the gals at the shop a call and book your trip soon!

Grey Reef is still a top producer, as always, but moss is definitely a factor. Nymphing necessitates making a choice between shallow mini-rigs or getting down fast to avoid the floating moss. Look for shelves and any runs with clean gravel bottoms, or target the lanes between the moss. Tricos are still a factor early in the morning, and caddis are bouncing around through mid-day. Try small black RS2 patterns, as well as Bird’s Nests in various sizes and shades of brown and yellow. Worms and scuds will also work any time there is moss in the system.

Miracle Mile is at 550 cfs and reports are steady, with similar bugs working through most of the day. Smaller patterns like mayhem midges in black or grey, and various hare’s ears, will get attention through the morning hours. Worms and scuds are still the hot ticket, and heavy stonefly patterns work well as a lead fly to get your smaller offerings down to the fish. Fish are suspended throughout the column, so don’t be afraid to change depth as needed.

Fremont Canyon is back to winter flows after experiencing several bumps through the summer. The canyon and Cardwell access are popular as always, so get there early and be prepared to get your stealth game on. Pathfinder pumps out the same bugs as the rest of our system, so no need to try anything too crazy, but this stretch is very much like small spring creek fishing, so try using lighter tippet and keeping a low profile. 

The streamer bite is on! Lots of our guides are carrying a couple streamer rods in their boat and will talk a client into chucking meat any time they can this time of year! There are few thrills that can equal watching a trout chase down and demolish a streamer! It doesn’t seem to matter what color or configuration...if you get it in the wheelhouse, they will eat! 

Also, don’t forget about Thermopolis! Our guides have tons of experience on Wyoming’s Bighorn River and the fall fishing can be fantastic. It’s a popular day trip, and there are opportunities for multi-day trips with lodging. 

Whether you want to book a trip, pick up some flies, check out the new remodel, or try on some of our new clothing brands, our staff would love to show you around and talk fishing! We look forward to seeing you soon!


Tight lines!

All the staff at Wyoming Fly Fishing Guide Service