Waters we fish


Gray Reef

Do you want to catch a lot of fish? Or a lot of BIG fish?

With the incredible numbers of trout per mile, this indescribable tailwater located in the heart of Wyoming is simply the best in the west. In these cold, clear waters some legendary trout have emerged averaging 17 to 20 inches in size, with some measuring over 30 inches. These toads are renowned for their aggressive takes, long hard runs, acrobatic leaps and unparalleled beauty. Considering the reputation of the fish, there is no better place to pursue them than below Gray Reef Dam. Throughout the year the deep classic runs and tail out glides fill with these monster trout and a cast on any given day could produce your fish of a lifetime.

Miracle Mile & Fremont Canyon

Do you believe in miracles?

It’s named Miracle Mile for a reason. This tailwater has the big dogs swimming it and it’s where you’ll find both brown and rainbow trout. The Mile also about the prettiest piece of trout water you will ever have the privilege of stepping into. Our guides have all grown up on this water, which means they know it well. The Mile is a great spot for year-round fishing, we can guide you in the boat or you can wade fish this amazing spot. Whether you want to streamer fish or tie on a dry, The Mile offers lots of options and likely a big fish on the other end!

Fremont Canyon is a hidden gem in central Wyoming where the fish are fat, views are unmatched, and the fishing is great year-round. This area is an awesome fishery that has the same big fish the Reef and Mile offer but in a smaller, more intimate setting The deep pools in Fremont Canyon are the perfect home to monstrous trout perfect for stalking and wading. The Canyon offers plenty of public access on the North Platte and is a great change of pace from the drift boat days.

The Bighorn River

Here lies an unknown, uncrowded section of amazing water.

Nestled in the heart of Wyoming the Bighorn River, is less known but an amazing place to cast a line. On these waters, a typical day consists of beautiful weather, crystal clear water, and giant trout our professional guides can help you find. With some of the most prolific hatches in the country, you can expect chubby, hungry trout coming to the surface for your dry fly. Streamer fishing is also a great time on this amazing piece of water, and odds are you will see the whole take. Even though the water is very clear these big fish are stoked!

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