Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson has been guiding for 21 years, 2 seasons in Alaska as a fly out fly fishing guide and 19 seasons here on the North Platte. Ryan has fished all over the world but truly loves his home water in Wyoming. He is a Casper native that grew up learning how to cast (in the wind) from his father and grandfather. He had a fly rod in his hand at the age of 5. By 12 he was Dennis the Menace but armed with a fly rod instead of a sling shot. The trout in the small mountain streams around Casper didn't stand a chance against this little "trout punk". Ryan, the owner of the guide service brings enthusiasm and energy to the business, and has worked hard to put together the best guide staff. Ryan enjoys the outdoors, Loves to be on the river and can always have a good time. As he puts it "I am lucky because I have been able to combine my passion with my livelihood. I knew what I wanted to do from a very young age, I wanted to Fly fish. Guiding someone into a big trout, and netting it, is the closest thing I've found to fishing myself. For me it has the same excitement, same adrenaline, everything. I love this Job!" Some one asked Ryan once what he would be if he wasn’t a fly fishing guide and he said “screwed”.
Ryan Anderson / Wyoming Fly Fishing