The fishing in central wyoming is “en fuego” right now!  The number of fish and also the size has been very impressive over the past couple weeks!

The Reef, The Reef, The Reef is on fire!!  The fishing on the reef is great!  It is low and clear and the fish are stoked! The three wise men are the way to go around government bridge.  Leeches, Worms, and Eggs.  However, if you are fishing the upper sections I would recommend fishing smaller bugs.  Midges and BWOs are the ticket!

The Miracle Mile remains solid.  We have been taking fish on a regular basis on leeches as well as midges in black and gray.  The old stand by of rockworms and San Juan worms are also getting some grabs.  Please be mindful of the spawning fish and watch where you wade as there are a lot of fish on the redds right now.

The Big Horn River in Thermo has also been fishing well, purple back scuds are the bomb right now!  Hot head sowbugs, and your favorite baetis nymph round out the presentation!  Don’t be afraid to throw some junk! The streamer bite has been great lately and the fish are big and grabby!  Some of the favorites of the guides are “Two Hook Johnnies” in White, Olive, and Tan.  And the ever trusty Rusty Trombone as well as the goldie!  Get big, get articulated and commit! If you knock on enough doors a big brown is sure to answer!